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"The most convenient way to learn Microsoft Excel online at an affordable price. I am glad I found The Power Excel and I recommend it."

Jeff Schumacher
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"I was looking for an online resource to start learning Microsoft Excel online and I am very happy I found The Power Excel Course."

Diana M. Maina
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"My background has absolutely no connection with excel but I managed to reach my goals in 2 months with The Power Excel."

Charlie Wallis
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"My boss pushed me to take this training course in power excel and now I am grateful he did. My skills are updated"

John Brewton
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"Microsoft Excel is all about analysis, planning and action. I've learned this in The Power Excel Training Course and it didn't fail me."

Matt Mcnully
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"All those years spent losing a ton of potential customers, it almost scares me. Now I'm on top of the game and my team too."

Roseline Anisha


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Learn in just 4 weeks how to improve your excel skills by attending The Power Excel training course. Our instructors are prepared to answer any questions about Microsoft Excel



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The Power Excel training will develop 3 major skills at work place and will help you take decision cogently. Details of Each Day


Interpersonal effectiveness

Secure buy-in from multiple stakeholders inside and outside the organization.


Leadership and management skills

Take charge and manage projects and coworkers.


Strong work values

Grit, dependability, integrity, confidence, empathy


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Diving into "The Excel"

  • Basics of Excel
  • Formatting and Navigation
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Data "The new oil"

  • Date & Concentation Function
  • Lookup Table & Data Tables
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Demathtifying "Maths & Text"

  • Math Function
  • Text Function
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Decoding "The Power Excel"

  • Sorting, Filters, and Pivot Tables
  • Using excel to solve the problem
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When you register you get access to the entire 4 weeks course which will enable you to understand your business environment, devise a realistic development strategy and how to effectively act on it. Of course we'll also teach you how to evaluate your actions and take the right decisions using The Power Excel

USD 49


The Power Excel Training Will...

  • Teach you how to analyze and understand your business environment for better decision making
  • Help you find hidden value in your courses and services and launch them successfully
  • Provide you with the best tactical ideas to act on your business strategy
  • Highly increase your confidence level to undertake bolder projects in your industry

The Power Excel Training Will Not...

  • Waste 4 weeks of your life for nothing because the course is packed with highly valuable data
  • Provide you with untested methods and techniques because everything we teach is from real -life
  • Make you spend 49 US dollars without improving your skills ten times more than you would imagine
  • Leave you stranded at the end of the course because it will guide you towards reaching your goals
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Name: xxxx


Pauline has a broad industry experience built while working for famous corporations and innovative startups which makes her a great instructor.

  • Highly enthusiastic problem solver
  • Loves to share information with peers

"I absolutely loved to work with Pauline's team while she was Marketing Manager at Delloite. She's a seriously dedicated person and loves to develop awesome digital courses."

John Monroe - General Manager, Delloite
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Name: xxxx


Mike is a highly skiled business developer with hands-on experience in managemnt positions at popular organiations and in his own companies.

  • Great communicator with public speaking skills
  • Works best when challenged with cool projects

"My experience with Mike goes back in the days when he was starting his own company and pushed some cool and innovative courses together with high quality services."

Bill Vancouver - General Manager, Monopoly
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Name: xxxx


Ronnie is a passionate creator and his greatest passion is to find value where nobody expects. He's also into developing digital courses and platforms.

  • Great programming and design abilities
  • Finds value where nobody sees any

"Ronnie is a great observer and likes to use his skills to solve everyday problems with digital courses and services. You have a lot to learn from his experience."

Finley Stream - General Manager, Invest Bank


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  • Q

    What kind of people attend The Power Excel? What will my classmates be like?

  • A Individual from every industry attend the Power Excel. People from Marketing, Sales, Operation, IT, Project manager etc. are the part of the class.
  • Q

    What is the time commitment?

  • A The Power Excel is designed to be a part -time program that fits into the work schedules of busy professionals.
  • Q

    What happens after the Power Excel? Do people keep in touch?

  • A With the Power Excel, after the intensive month of the workshop, we make it easy to stay connected.
  • Q

    Will I get certificate after the training?

  • A You will get the certificate of participation upon the completion of the training. Also, a certificate of excellence will be granted after successful completion of the case study's


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Distinguished Trainers

Numbers have always been critical part of my role. After undertaking the training now I am able to solve the number crunching problem in a go.

Charles Kibara Founder, Fintech Company