Excel XLOOKUP Function

What Is XLOOKUP Office 365 now boasts a powerful and more useful successor to the VLOOKUP function which is “ XLOOKUP function”. XLOOKUP is the latest addition in the Excel lookup function family which includes VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, INDEX+MATCH, LOOKUP and so on. XLOOKUP permits us to search for an item in a given range or table and… Continue reading Excel XLOOKUP Function

Paste Special in Excel.

What is Paste Special in Excel ? Excel’s Paste Special offers a vast range of options to paste only particular elements of the copied cells or to perform a mathematical operation with the copied data in situations where the standard copy / paste in not suitable. Paste special is a common function in productivity software programs… Continue reading Paste Special in Excel.

How to use CONCATENATE In Excel

The word concatenates simply means “to combine” or “to join together”. The CONCATENATE function in excel permits you to combine text from different cells into one cell. As a financial analyst, we frequently deal with varied data when doing financial analysis. The data is not always organize for analysis and we often need to combine data from… Continue reading How to use CONCATENATE In Excel

VLOOKUP Function in Excel– Introduction

What exactly is VLOOKUP in excel? VLOOKUP in excel stands for ‘Vertical Lookup’. The VLOOKUP function in Excel is a tool to scan a certain piece of information in a table or data set and extracting some corresponding data/information. For example, suppose you have a list of products with their prices, you can search for the… Continue reading VLOOKUP Function in Excel– Introduction

How to Transpose Excel Data

Transpose in Excel How to Transpose Excel Data with the TRANSPOSE Function. Transpose is returns a vertical range of cells as a horizontal range, or horizontal range of cells as a vertical range. The Transpose function is entered as an array formula in a selected range that has the same number of rows and columns as… Continue reading How to Transpose Excel Data

How to use the SUMIF Function

You operate the SUMIF function to sum the values in a range that meet criteria that you specify. SUMIF is the function used to sum the values according to a single criterion. Using this function, you can locate the sum of numbers applying a condition within a range. It comes beneath Math & Trigonometry capabilities. Just… Continue reading How to use the SUMIF Function